Bettina Cohen
San Francisco, California

Bio: Over the past 6+ years, I've watched the little corner of San Francisco where I live get "built out" and the neighborhood grow by leaps and bounds to its current near-completion status. I'll journal about life here in The Creekside Communicator, from my point-of-view as a neighborhood advocate who loves our parks and is concerned about pedestrian safety, the worsening traffic congestion, traversing these streets around ubiquitous construction sites, and why it's taking so long for businesses to move in and for that public kindergarten thru elementary school to be built. I am the author of hundreds of published articles, two book chapters, and an unpublished novel. I launched Bettina's Blog on WordPress in Jan. 2015. I'm relaunching it in Summer 2017 as The Creekside Communicator. Thank you for reading!

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